Russel Peters on parental controls

Culture impacts parental control. Yes, as a parent, our cultural influences and the culture we live in have a tremendous influence on how much our kids listen to us and how we are able to discipline them.  And RUSSELL PETERS is one of the few people who can explain this in a way we all can relate to.

According to Wikipedia, Canadian comedian and actor, Russell Peters, set a  record  in 2007 as the first comedian to sell out Toronto’s Air Canada Centre. He attributes a performance he did on the Canadian TV 2004 comedy show Comedy Now!, which became viral on You Tube, as the turning point in his career. While the initial video upload featured his performance in its 45-minute entirety ( , subsequent videos uploaded by other YouTube users were snippets of that performance, chopped into each of the cultural groups he targeted. According to Peters, those snippets made their way to those specified cultural groups, and were well received by them. 

This one talks about the issue of parental discipline and, in particular, corporal discipline. I’m sure parents from almost any culture will see themselves reflected in his words. Very funny. (NOTE-The quality of the video is not very good but still it is really worth watching.)