It’s hard to imagine a school that professes to teach grammar firing someone over using the word homophone in an education blog. If the homophone is related to a ‘gay agenda’, then maybe so is homosapien? (Don’t worry, the article does explain what a homophone is. Let’s just hope you are not an English school administrator!)

School fires blogger over post about homophones, citing ‘gay agenda’

by Lauren O’Neil

If you know the difference between the words “homophobe” and “homophone,” you’re well ahead of one American English language school administrator who fired an employee last week for allegedly promoting “some kind of gay agenda” through a blog post about grammar

Timothy Torkildson was recently let go from his position as a social media specialist at the Nomen Global Language Center in Provo, Utah after writing an educational blog post called “Help with Homophones.”

“In English a homophone is a word that has several different meanings and spellings, but always sounds the same. The best way to learn these tricky words is to memorize them little by little,” he wrote in the July post on the school’s blog, providing the example, “Ad is an advertisement. Add is a mathematical function.”

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