Refining English Communication Skills     

For Foreign Trained Professionals      

What are the Benefits of
Training with Us?

  • One-on-one coaching – We work with you individually to address your needs as efficiently as possible and with the degree of detail needed to refine communication skills at a high level.
  • Customized training – We teach you whatever you need to improve your English communication, combining the variety of skills you wish to refine into one program.
  • Cultural competency – We help you understand culturally-appropriate behaviours and develop effective inter-personal skills.
  • Accent modification – We make sure you understand how to speak clearly, using effective training materials and approaches so you can continue to refine your pronunciation over time.

Voice to Word Consulting Focuses on Clear Communications for the North American & British Contexts


Voice to Word Consulting is committed to improving the communication skills of non-native speakers – to optimizing personal and organizational success by refining the way people speak. Taking our clients beyond ESL training, we work with individuals and companies worldwide to improve all forms of English and cultural communication skills.

At Voice to Word Consulting, we go beyond ESL to help non-native speakers refine their English communication skills and express themselves more clearly in an English-speaking environment. Focusing on speech, voice and body language while integrating grammatically-correct and culturally-appropriate communication, we offer one-on-one coaching, group classes and seminars to both corporations and individuals.

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Communicate Effectively

Our mission at Voice To Word Consulting is to empower non-native speakers to function confidently and effectively in the North American and British business and cultural environments by refining our clients’ English communication skills.

Conversation and Interpersonal Skills

Speak English with Confidence, Converse Comfortably in Engish-Speaking Business Environments

Refine All Aspects Of English

Develop Cultural Competence and Communicate Effectively

Corporate Training

Provide the Executive Communication Coaching your Internationally-Educated Employees Really Need.

One-on-One & Group Coaching

Reach your Accent Modification and Communication Goals Quickly and Maximize your Time

Accent Modification

Speak Clearly and Get your Meaning Across Easily with Accent Training

One-on-One Customized Training

Needs Assessment, Program Design, Program Delivery

Personalized programs based on an in-depth needs assessment of your language skills and a thorough understanding of your personal goals.
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Corporate Programs

One-on-One Training, Group Coaching, Customized Program Design & Delivery

Training which responds to the true needs of your employees, allowing them to refine both their English language and cultural skills.
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Accent Modification

Needs Assessment, Pronunciation Coaching, Elocution Training, Clear Speech

Improving communications – speaking clearly so that others understand, not only their words, but also their meaning.
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Presentation Skills Training & Voice Coaching

Needs Assessment, Voice Quality & Projection, Effective & Culturally Appropriate Presentations

Make influential presentations, participate fully in meetings, overcome challenges unique to non-native speakers in an English-speaking context.
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Conversation, Cross Cultural & Interpersonal Skills

Needs Assessment, Sociolinguistics Coaching, Cultural Competency

Business and social settings are challenging enough without the additional difficulties encountered by non-native speakers.
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Business Communication Skills

Needs Assessment, Grammar & Writing, Culturally Appropriate Communication

Written and grammatical standards for business communications in English-speaking cultures. Write appropriately and effectively to influence others.
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What is the First Step?

We can help you refine your English skills, gain confidence and improve your performance in the North American and British business settings.
We determine how to best support your objectives with a needs assessment. Then, through one-on-one coaching, seminars and courses, we clarify your specific communication difficulties, lead you through the process of developing awareness, building skills, learning how to practice effectively and integrating your learning.

Reach Your Accent Modification and Communication Goals Quickly and Maximize Your Time With One-on-One Coaching

Why We are Different

Our trainers draw on studies and experience in adult education, voice, cross-cultural communications, ESL and linguistics. This broad range of skills allow our qualified teachers to take a multi-faceted approach to improving the communication skills of non-native speakers.

Our Workplace

Voice to Word Consulting offers all training online, accessible worldwide from any time zone. All you need is a solid internet connection. With coaches in Toronto, Canada and London, England, training is offered in both neutral North American and Britsh accents. Local residents interested in face-to-face training can contact us to discuss the possibility of receiving training in your offices.

Our Happy Clients

“The feedback on my yearly review pointed to much improved communication skills…

“After a couple of weeks, my colleagues and my manager noticed my pronunciation improvement… I am more confident in casual conversations but especially at business meetings and presentations… and am able to express complex ideas much more clearly than before.”

Angelica Castro, Emergency Management Advisor, Government of Ontario

Thank you very much for everything.
It was one of the best training classes I have ever had.  I hope to have another chance to participate in the next session.

Nasser Hamzehloo, SNC Nuclear

“I finally know how to improve my pronunciation, how to work with my tongue, and what kind of practice to do every day. Now I can hear myself when I speak correctly and when I speak incorrectly.”

Natalia Atapina, Recruitment Advisor, Brainhunter

The presentation was very appropriate given the demands of our helpdesk – I even mentioned how much I enjoyed it to our supervisors. Personally, I’d never thought of culture as it relates to community vs the individual and have even mentioned the concept a couple of times today. Everybody who attended walked away thinking about how communication relates to our jobs.”

John Coldwell, Contact Centre Agent, Ontario Shared Services

I realized that speaking clearly was key for my professional and personal success. I was motivated but couldn’t identify my pronunciation mistakes and issues I had with speed and tone of voice. When I first met Heather at Voice to Word, she had already analyzed my case (via recordings,) was ready for me and deeply understood my challenges. The materials were very well organized and effective and I found the recorded sessions and materials extremely useful. Heather’s patience, humour and personalized care, combined with the relaxing, home-like environment, helped me to relax, focus and absorb the content. It has been a great learning experience, and I highly recommend Voice to Word’s services.”

Merling Sapene, Bombardier Aerospace

Well done! Helped solidify and bring heightened awareness of issues which were inhibiting client communications and progress. Good balance of lecture and interactive activity.”

Michael Medina, CBRC, Professional Development Conference