Business communications for non-native speakers.

This focus covers the written and grammatical standards that everyone should know about business communications in English-speaking cultures.

Based on a detailed assessment, we clarify grammatical gaps and writing concerns. Depending on the needs of the individuals, we customize the training to cover both a clear understanding of grammatical structures and an ability to write appropriately and effectively within the North American or British contexts.

As with all training, this focus can be combined to include more or less grammatical and cultural focus, depending on the needs. Typical topics covered during this training include:

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“Heather and I worked through the grammar with explanations, written exercises which gradually got more complex and spoken exercises to consolidate what I had learned and get it into my speech. She was patient and creative in finding ways for me to move what I was learning into my speech, which is generally the most difficult step… My program was flexible and it allowed me to practice at my own pace and schedule.”

Angelica Castro, Emergency Management Advisor


How can I get started?

The first step is the assessment. Contact us anytime to book one or find out more about what we offer. Your success is our goal!