Clear Communications

Voice to Word Consulting focuses on clear communications for the English-speaking environment

Voice to Word Consulting focuses on clear communications. We take over where ESL courses leave off. We help non-native speakers understand formal English as well as casual expressions, accents, body language and social skills. By revealing the nuances of how native English speakers communicate, Voice to World Consulting helps foreign trained professionals understand others more clearly and communicate more effectively with this second language.

Based in Toronto, Canada and London, England, we work with individuals and organizations worldwide by offering one-on-one coaching, courses and seminars, specialized corporate programs and customized training. Our goal is to increase the personal and organizational success of our clients.

Our trainers draw on studies and experience in adult education, voice, cross-cultural communications, ESL, linguistics, NLP, theatre and music. This broad range of skills allow our qualified teachers to take a multi-faceted approach to improving the communication skills of non-native speakers.

clear communication

We train online in your time zone in either a British or North American accent

Since moving online in 2020, geographical barriers are no longer an issue. Now based in Toronto, Canada and London, England, we are able to accommodate any international time zone. We offer accent modification in either a standard British or neutral North American accent as well as training in culturally-appropriate communication which can differ between Britain, Canada and the US.

We work largely with senior management and C-Level employees who benefit immensely from refining their English communication skills. We understand the need for confidentiality, for receiving training from an external coach and for scheduling flexibility. When you work with us, we will prepare and rehearse you to deliver clear and effective presentations; communicate in bias-free, positive language; and speak clearly, correctly and appropriately. By choosing Voice to Word Consulting to deliver your training, you will deepen your understanding of how to positively influence others and reach your English communication goals.

“In my one-on-one training, I gained the knowledge and skills I needed… became more confident and overcame many problems I had been experiencing in my professional life. In fact, I was promoted ahead of time due, in part, to a very notable improvement in my oral English mentioned on my evaluation. “

Bruce Zhiyong Lui, Police Officer, Toronto Police Services.

How can I get started?

The first step is the assessment. Contact us via telephone, email or from the contact page anytime to book one or find out more about what we offer. Your success is our goal!