Bruce Zhiyong Lui


I was educated in China and Switzerland and have been working in Toronto for several years. Although I have a Master degree and a professional background, I often experienced prejudice because of my accent, as if I were unsophisticated and not too intelligent.

I began my training motivated by the goal of improving both my personal and professional life. My one-on-one training with Heather Chetwynd was extremely successful. She identified issues with individual sounds, many of which had been pointed out by colleagues, as well as others which no one had mentioned, such as incorrect stress and rhythm. I gained the knowledge and skills needed to speak, what I call, authentic English. I became more confident and overcame many problems I had been experiencing in my professional life. In fact, I was promoted ahead of time due, in part, to a very notable improvement in my oral English mentioned on my evaluation. This exceptional reward has encouraged me to work even harder and keep on learning.

Heather is skilled at helping her students gain confidence and improve their communication skills. Her unique training approach and ability with people make her absolutely the best choice for people who are not native speakers of English and who wish to pursue a successful professional career in the English-speaking world.