Jenny Wong


I knew I had an accent, but wasn’t aware of what the problems were so I didn’t have any idea how to correct them. It was very embarrassing when native speakers didn’t understand my oral English. I just wanted people to understand me!

Heather caught my pronunciation problems very quickly and designed tailored exercises for me to help me master the keys to correct pronunciation. Unlike most ESL training, the exercises and materials responded to my specific needs, arising from my language and cultural background.

As the training proceeded, I noticed that my colleagues and friends rarely misunderstood me. I began to develop more confidence in my language skills and really enjoy communicating with native speakers.

I would highly recommend Voice to Word Consulting to anyone who is serious about improving their English communication skills. While not cheap compared to most ESL training, it is definitely worth the price because, when we invest our time and money, we want good quality and a real return.