A recent study by CAREEREALISM Media shows 87% of seasoned professionals (over the age of 40), believe age discrimination is hurting their chances of getting a job. As I outline in this LinkedIn article, I don’t think it’s age discrimination as much as it is the lack of a more ‘sophisticated’ approach to job search.

What Happens When Your Approach Doesn’t Match Your Reality:

If you are over 40 years old and looking for work, chances are you might be sending the wrong message to employers in interviews. Have you been trying to impress them with your diverse experience and enthusiasm? That can backfire. Being the “jack-of-all-trades,” who can do anything isn’t a plus in the eyes of hiring managers, especially, younger ones. Given your years of experience and skill level, employers are expecting a very different message. One that conveys a balance of authority with humility. Failing to create this balance can result in employers smiling and nodding in the interview, acting like they love you… only to never hear from them again. Here’s why:

They Respect Your Age, But Not Your Overpowering Persona

While hiring managers and recruiters are politely going through the motions in the interview, what they are really thinking when you present yourself is you’re:

  • Too aggressive.
  • A know-it-all.
  • Trying too hard.
  • Acting desperate.
  • Inflexible.
  • Set in your ways.
  • Too talkative.
  • Exhausting to work alongside.

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