Making body language mistakes during a job interview could cost you a great opportunity. Just as our voice speaks, so does our body and people interpret what our body says based on cultural norms. Learning how people interpret what our body does, as well as becoming more self aware, are key to a successful job search.

The following article outlines 10 of the most powerful ways you can both negatively and positively influence your interviewer. Great article!

The 10 Worst Body Language Mistakes You Can Make In a Job Interview

By Janice Burch, Co-founder, Pro Resume Center, LLC

Your resume got you in the door and you landed the interview. You did your company research. Picked up your suit from the cleaners. You look amazing.

You are ready for the glare and the grill of the interviewer.

You sit down in the chair and cross your legs. As the interviewer takes a moment to review your resume, you start nervously tapping the foot of your crossed leg to a beat in your head as you bite your lower lip. Your hands begin to fidget and you start picking at the loose cuticle around your thumbnail. You slouch down in the chair as he finishes reading through your resume, unaware that you have done so.

And though you may not think so, the interviewer is picking up on all of it.

His or her thoughts: Nervousness. Lacks confidence. Feels out of place. Perhaps not qualified. Maybe he lied on part of his resume.

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