Improve your Chances for PromotionHave you been working in a job for years with no significant promotion? What might be the reason? While discrimination is always a potential factor, have you considered your skill at communicating clearly and effectively?

Expectations regarding appropriate communication skills and their importance vary wildly between newcomers and their potential and actual employers. According to research, employers and newcomers value language and communication skills quite differently. Whereas 95% of employers consider these skills to be very important, only 27% of newcomers do. 

Self awareness regarding your communication skills, your pronunciation and your ability to be easily understood is vital if you want to progress in your career. 

The first step is to identify where the communication limitation is. If it is related to accent, don’t expect to be told. Being open to accepting that your accent may be causing a communication gap is very important in an environment where managers are often nervous about pointing this out.

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