Vietnamese Flag - Voice to WordThe article I am linking to discusses the cultural values of Vietnam. While I don’t generally post articles about specific cultures, I found this one interesting since it explains a number of concepts and the historical influences that have participated in shaping the culture. I welcome feedback about this article – especially if you are Vietnamese.

According to the article, the following are the basic values and core beliefs of both North and South Vietnam:

•    Confucian: work ethic, duty, morality
•    Respect for learning
•    Filial Piety (pre-Chinese)
•    Theme of sacrifice
•    Resistance to foreigners
•    Resilience, tenacity
•    Nationalism
•    Restraint
•    Forbearance
•    Sense of proportion
•    Collectivist (society over individual)
•    Women play important role
•    Pride, self-respect (esp. North)
•    Entrepreneurism (esp. South)
•    Pro-Westernism

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