Due to holidays and vacation time, I did not get around to writing or recording a blog post in either December 2023 or January 2024. But I did share the following Wuzzle puzzles in my social media posts and newsletter.

What are Wuzzles? They are puzzles in the form of graphics containing a combination of words, letters and lines, all of which are displayed in physical relationship to each other and in some way represent a common phrase.

Here are nine Wuzzles. These are great for exercising the brain. See what you can figure out. Few people can do all of them. When you get tired, you can check at the end of this post to find the answers. Good luck!


























1. Over my dead body; Right under the nose; See eye to eye; Looking out for number one; Be-line; Home is where the heart is.

2. No one to blame; Right between the eyes; Jack in the Box; Down payment; Left overs; Bedspread.

3. Foreign policy; Party line; Covered wagon; Back to the Future; Midwife; Off sides.

4. Working overtime; Do without; Teddy Bear; Shot in the dark; Eiffel Tower; Long Island.

5. Tulips; Back in five minutes; One Life to Live; First thing in the morning; Go through the motion; The coast is clear.

6. Better safe than sorry; Wheel of Fortune; Hard times ahead; Black Eyed Peas; Jumbo jet; Minimize.

7. Decide; Spaceship; Multiple choice; Floor model; No one knows; Thunderstorm.

8. One step forward, two steps back; Double or nothing; Peppermint Twist; Forefathers; Enroll; Addresses.

9. You can count on it; Foot in the door; No can do; Honest to goodness; Way overpriced; Living on a shoestring.