The Correct Handshake on Voice to WordYour handshake could be leading people to interpret you in a way that you hadn’t intended. Your culture may have taught you to shake with a limp hand, especially a man to a woman, for example. Or perhaps your handshake is too strong. Maybe you shake it too many or two few times. (Two and a half movements of most gestures is the average in Canada.)

Little things, such as how we shake hands, our eye movements, our posture and the tilt of our head, can lead to others forming an incorrect opinion of us, especially at the first meeting. The following article and video discusses and demonstrates the accepted and professional way to shake hands. A proper handshake is part of professional behaviour which is a must if you are interested in being promoted.

The Handshake: A Key to Effective Communication Skills

By Successfully Speaking

You are at a networking meeting, a job interview, or just meeting someone for the first time. Of course, you want to make a great first impression. Do you know that the basis of effective communication skills is the way to approach another individual as you first meet them?

Individuals from different cultures may be unsure how to greet someone in the American workplace. A former client from Spain assumed she should kiss the male who was going to interview her. Wasn’t it fortunate that this came up in our discussion before the interview?

Our handshake is critical when making a first impression and lasting impression. Should you squeeze hard to show your power? Should you pump the other person’s hand up and down with vigor?

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