I often write about the connection between music and language skills. I believe that music plays a huge role in  how we develop our communication skills. I have noticed that very  few of my accent students have ever studied music which seems to indicate the similarities in learning to sing or play an instrument and learning to speak differently. (You can read more about this by clicking here.) One of my students mentioned that he began to sing better after accent training sessions, attesting to imporved listening skills. I also believe that music helps us to feel and identify with a culture.

While this video is not about Canadian music nor accent modification, it is a beautiful example of how music can keep someone vibrant and connected to others, as well as play a critical role in their survival. In the following video, 109-year-old Alice Herz-Sommer talks of the role of music in her life. Very inspirational.


Inspirational, pianist, Holocaust Survivor, Alice Herz-Sommer – 109 years old