Power words are those that create an impact. For example, I can say, “This training will really help you improve your communication skills.”. Or I can say, “This training will significantly improve your communication skills.” The second sentence has more impact due to the use of  the word “significantly” instead of “really.” The following article suggests 10 such words and also has a video with suggestions on how to argue more successfully.


10 Power Words You Should Start Using Today

by John Brandon

Tired, boring, and dull. Those are the terms that typically describe most email, business documentation, investor summaries, and corporate prose. You almost want to find a paddle and hit yourself across the face to wake up a little or inject coffee directly into your synapses.

The words below have the same effect: They squirt a little fun juice into boring old email and those TPS reports you have to write ad nauseam. If you are looking to spruce up a customer pitch or get the attention of, say, a jaded journalist like myself, use these words and we might pay attention a little more. Remember there is a living, breathing, thinking person on the other end of that e-mail! Spice things up and see the results.

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