Foreign-trained MDs (Medical Doctors) complain about this problem regularly. And I don’t blame them. For some reason, managing to get your medical license to practice in Canada as an MD is next to impossible. On top of having to re-do medical exams, New Canadians also have to reach an advanced stage of language proficiency. This makes sense to me, but putting such strict requirements and a quota for immigrant doctors seems somewhat extreme.

Nevertheless, the language requirements, I believe, are important. Voice to Word can help you with this. Often the main issue is accent, but this can be compounded by cultural expectations, weaknesses in grammar and insufficient awareness of local vocabulary and expressions. We can help you by designing a program that will help you reach a strong level of proficiency in North American English and cultural expectation.


Prospects not entirely rosy for foreign-trained MDs, says fairness commissioner

By Richard J. Brennan

Ontario’s Fairness Commissioner Jean Augustine says things are anything but rosy for foreign-trained doctors trying to break into Ontario.

Augustine on Wednesday took particular exceptions to an overly “rosy and glowing portrait” in a report earlier this week by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario bragging that a record number of international medical graduates (IMG) were either being accepted into residency programs or being certified to open up their own practices.

Augustine said a further look at the numbers show that a small percentage of foreign-trained doctors are being accepted into 200 government-funded IMG residency positions. Instead, many are being given to Canadians who have trained offshore and want to return to Ontario, which, she says, belies the original intent of the program.

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