Are you terrified of public speaking? Do you freeze when giving a presentation? Fear of speaking in public is second to the most common fear – the fear of death. That’s right. So you are not alone. Of course, when you are presenting in a language which is not your first language, your fears get exaggerated. But there are things you can do to calm down, gain control of yourself and have impact.

Watch the following Ted Talk by Joe Kowan, “a Boston-based musician and graphic designer who has been struggling with stage fright since he first started writing songs at age 27.” While he doesn’t offer too many practical tips, he does mention one commonly suggested trick – imagining that everyone in the audience is naked – but of course this scares him also!

If you don’t learn enough from the video to overcome your stage fright (and I doubt you will,) I suggest joining Toastmasters International where you can hone your skills in a supportive environment and network at the same time. But meanwhile, you can feel accompanied in your fears as you watch this humourous Ted Talk.

Joe Kowan: How I beat stage fright