Both Sides Now is a Canadian classic, written and performed by Canadian musician, singer songwriter and painter, Joni Mitchell.

Joni began her professional career performing in small Saskatchewan nightclubs in the early 60s, later moving to Toronto where she became popular, and then on to California (as so many Canadian artists have done over the years.) Joni is a prolific writer and has never been afraid to experiment artistically. Known originally as a folk artist, she has explored many genres including electronic music, pop, protest and jazz. (She has performed with many of the great jazz artists, including Herbie Hancock, Pat Metheny, and Charles Mingus.)

This song – Both Sides Now – is a classic. In this version from the year 2000, she sings with a lower, fuller voice than when she wrote the song almost 50 years before. It is a perfect song to sing as she performs it slowly and clearly. If you are interested in singing along – great practice to improve your pronunciation, – you can get the lyrics here.