Who would have ever thought that your predominant way of  thinking and your appearance – in particular your face – could be so related. I find this interesting since facial expressions are influenced to a large degree by cultural conditioning. For example, in Canada we smile a lot but many cultures prefer to look quite serious in public interactions. I always think that smiling in Canada is similar to a dog walking around with its tail high in the air,both of which mean “I’m friendly. I’m not going to attack you!”

Thinking determines appearance

Our thinking determines our appearance. These are pictures of faces composed of mirror images – only right or left sides of a face. They show you how people might look if they only used the rational, left hemisphere, or the creative, right hemisphere.

Our appearance isn’t only determined by genes, but also our thoughts, experiences and the actions we take. By using brain training exercises we can shift its activity in the desired direction. By changing our habits we can not only change our life, but also our appearance. Ideally, both sides of our face would be symmetric, which would signify both hemispheres working in balance. Here’s to having harmonious faces!

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