Breath and inspiration are related. The root of the word inspire is the Latin word spirare, which means to breathe. In English, we use the word respiration in reference to breathing and expiration in reference to death. But these terms are also related to the word spirit. And this is the connection I love, connecting breath with life, spirit and inspiration.

As we develop rapport with another person, we not only begin to mirror their movements and body position, we also start to breathe together. So breath and interpersonal connection are very tightly intertwined.

In the following video, Mark Bowden talks of how speaking after breathing in, rather than breathing out, creates a more inspirational communication. Breath creates energy and connection. 

Presenting Body Language – Inspirational Speaking Tip

By Mark Bowden

We all want to be regarded and remembered by colleagues and peers as highly inspirational. It seems like a high order, but how can we inspire others every time we speak?

Here’s a secret, an incredibly effective technique that will make you stand out as inspired and inspirational every time you speak. Simple, fundamental, even primal, this tool will have people leaving your presentations ready to take on the world! Want to know what we’re talking about?

Watch this simple idea on how to be inspired and how to inspire others when speaking!