A Case of You by Canada’s Joni Mitchell is one of my most favourite songs, especially this version which see sings with her older, more mature voice. The reference to drinking “a case of you” refers to drinking a case of beer – which we also call a 6-pack (and which we also use to refer to a well-developed set of abdominal muscles!)

According to Joni’s website, Joni Mitchell is one of only two women to have made it onto Rolling Stone magazine’s 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. She hass received 8 Grammys and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. She has been cited as  “one of the most important female recording artists of the rock era” and “a powerful influence on all artists who embrace diversity, imagination and integrity”.

Singing along can help you improve your pronunciation also. Songs tend to incorporate natural stress patterns and show you what to emphasize as well as what to de-emphasize – which vowels and syllables to reduce.