No matter how big or small a business is, establishing good communication at work is crucial to strengthening the workforce and in fostering teamwork.  But it’s almost inevitable for a company to encounter communication barriers. How do we simplify the flow of communication in the workplace?

How To Simplify The Flow of Communication At Work

By Jeremy Caplan

Pity the poor office planner. In an era of cost-cutting, they’re expected to save money by trimming luxurious office amenities and other suspect expenses. But some of those “dubious” expenses might otherwise be viewed as valuable investments in a corporate culture that prizes talent retention and terrific internal communication.

To improve the flow of ideas within company walls, businesses are experimenting with new ways to break down communication barriers.

It’s not always the conventional solutions that work best, says Jeanne O’Connor, director of human resources for Billtrust, which works with companies to outsource billing. Open office setups, for example, are popular, but may not always lead to productivity gains, she says. “Putting everybody out in the open is like force-feeding collaboration,” says O’Connor. “Collaboration comes in ways that are less obvious.”

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