Here’s an interesting article on how employers choose their employees. Many unexpected aspects influence which candidate an employer picks. For example, according to the research, even more important than how you are dressed is your sense of humour and your community involvement. Useful for anyone to know.

How employers choose who gets hired. Why employers select one candidate over another

By Peter Harris

A new survey of over 2,000 hiring managers has turned up some unexpected factors that can determine which candidates get hired most often. It’s not all about your skills and experience

While, of course, your qualifications to actually do the job are essential for being hired, it turns out that many employers also look at numerous other, less practical attributes when selecting a candidate. Having a good sense of humour can give a candidate a 27% better chance of being hired. Being better dressed than the other candidates boosts your odds of landing the gig by 22%.

For this survey employers were asked, if they were considering two candidates with the same credentials, which factors would influence them to choose one candidate over the other.

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