How can your company support employees who have unclear speech?

I suggest referring to accent modification training as Professional Communications Training. In our sessions, there are always other aspects of communication that arise – specific cultural expectations, aspects of advanced grammar, connotations of specific vocabulary, presentation skills, etc. Despite having the specific goal of speaking more clearly, such training is always specific to the client and simply aims to professionalize communication skills, something most employees could benefit from at some point during their career.

If possible, allow for time during work hours to be dedicated to the training. Being exhausted after hours and trying to focus on the location of your tongue and the pitch of your voice is not easy. And make sure that the client understands the need to practice and can and will find the time to do so.

Regarding progress, be aware that it is likely that the client will get worse before getting better. This is the adjustment period, a little like culture shock, causing some second guessing while speaking. This is normal and certainly doesn’t mean the training is not working but rather indicates a process of integration and adaptation.

Why is it important to offer paid training and company class time?

Offering paid communications training is truly a gift to the employee who recognizes the benefits and is committed to refining their communication skills.

Why might HR and management consider offering clear speech training to an employee?

  • Unclear speech can lead to miscommunication. When speech is clear, there are fewer misunderstandings, avoiding costly errors, increasing productivity and improving workplace safety.
  • When speech is easily understood, conversational English comes more easily, leading to more fluid employee relations, more effective teamwork and improved levels of client satisfaction.
  • Pronunciation training develops improved listening skills and greater self-confidence. It gives the employee the tools to compete more equitably in advancement in the workplace and allows the company to benefit from the employee’s true potential more fully.

If the client does the work and the trainer is skilled, you can expect clearer speech and better rhythm. The client will be asked to repeat less frequently, and workplace communication will flow better. The client will begin to hear aspects of speech they were unaware of previously and feel more confident when interacting in the workplace.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services designed to help professionals refine their English communication skills.