The following article offers some tips for how to more successfully manage the interview process. While written for internationally educated professionals living in the United States, the advice still holds for Canadian interviewees.

When moving into a new cultural environment, it takes time and perception to both see ourselves as the local people do and learn how to influence others effectively. Because of varying expectations and values, what worked in our original cultural environment can often work against us in a new one.  Paying attention to these different expectations is critical for a successful professional job search.

Tips for a Successful Interview

By Successfully Speaking

When interviewing for employment in the United States, one must be aware of American customs. I recently worked with an international professional who did not realize it would be inappropriate to kiss her interviewer on each cheek upon meeting. Many customs that are routine in one’s native country might be awkward in the USA.  Not everyone realizes that a firm handshake is the preferred manner to greet someone, regardless of gender.

There are many nonverbal aspects to consider, particularly body language. Our first impression is delivered via visual signals. Vocal and verbal aspects of communication can enhance or sabotage that first image. The individual’s listening skills will directly influence the interviewer. Finally, hygiene, preparedness, and organization have an impact on the outcome of the job interview or any other social/business interchange. Here are some tips for the individual who is interviewing for a position in the USA.

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